Sign Up as a Trading Partner

What is a trading partner?

The Highmark Gateway, managed and maintained by Highmark, Inc. (Highmark) provides EDI capabilities for AmeriHealth, including products issued by AmeriHealth HMO (95044), AmeriHealth Insurance Company of New Jersey including AmeriHealth PPO and Comprehensive Major Medical (60061), QCC Insurance Company d/b/a AmeriHealth Insurance Company including AmeriHealth DE - PPO (93688), or products administered by AmeriHealth Administrators (54763).

Any entity that conducts EDI transactions directly with the Highmark Gateway is called a trading partner.

Do I need to sign up as a trading partner?

Whether you register as a trading partner depends on how you intend to do business with AmeriHealth.

  • Do not register if you are using a third-party intermediary who is already registered as a trading partner. However, note that a Provider Changes form must be submitted to affiliate an existing trading partner with any billing group NPI for which it conducts business.
  • Register if you are not using a third-party intermediary or if your vendor does not maintain its own trading partner relationship. Please review the information below to get started.

What does the process involve?

You must complete the following steps before conducting EDI transactions as a trading partner:

  1. Successfully complete the online New DataStream Trading Partner Application ("Application") to receive your trading partner credentials. This allows you to connect to the Highmark Gateway to send and receive EDI transactions.
  2. After you receive your credentials, affiliate the billing group NPIs for your existing provider clients to your trading partner profile. This enables EDI transactions for each of your clients.
Click here to get started with the Application.